Did you know that Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illnesses

and diseases?

{ The American Institute of Stress}


This causes us all to develop unwanted ailments that increases doctor visits and iStress Zebran-take of medication. 44% of Americas are more stressed now than they were 5 years ago. This has to stop NOW!

In my VBlog, I share with you some of my own personal struggles dealing with stress and how I was able to overcome them. Now I believe that no one is every stress-free. However, you can be Stress-Less!

Check out my {VBlog} and I’d love to hear how you overcame some of your stressors.







PS: My charge to you is to utilize one of the

Wednesday Wellness Tips

and let me know the outcome!



Be Well! Be Fit! Be Fab!

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