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I know every year you say that you are going to start the New Year off on the thinking ladyright track: Exercising, Eating Clean Drinking more H20; I’m going to start on Monday living an healthier lifestyle; or you’ve heard someone else say the same things. I can see where some of you may have trouble staying the course because there is a lot of noise out here and you are not sure which way to go.

I totally get that because early on in my Wellness & Fitness journey I was the same way. I was doing things on my own, yet I wasn’t consistent enough to see the results. I would see some results but then I began to reach a plateau. That became a discouraging factor that contributed to up and down results. Results I was not pleased with. I’d been working out for 20 years and thought I knew my stuff! Ha…little did I know I really didn’t know as much as I thought I did IF I was seeking Next Level Transformation.


I’ll share with you 5 Ways to Reach your “Next Level” Manifestation in you Wellness & Fitness Goals:


  1. Get Your Mindset Right

    • Forget about all those years of what you Think you know about Health, Wellness & Fitness. Begin to renew your mindset and connect with LIKE minded people that are successful in the area you desire to go. You will need to establish a paradigm mind-shift for “Next Level” Manifestation.
  2. Be Coachable

    • The best thing you can do to grown in any area of your life is to be Coachable. A wise person seeks those who have been where they are trying to go. In this area, you going to have to release/minimize pride and ego. A proverb says that only stupid men learn from experience. Wise men learn from other people’s experience.
  3. If what you are doing is not working…Then Stop Doing It…DUH!

    • If your Wellness and Fitness journey has been stagnated, that simply means, it’s time to move on. We stay at this stage because we’ve become content and don’t want to move out of our comfort zone. Once you step out of your comfort zone is where you are going to find your results.
  4. Don’t Be Cheap

    • “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” This is one of the best quotes I’ve read so far. Everyone always says that can’t afford a coach/trainer/expert/mentor yet they continue to not progress in the certain areas of their lives.  If you really did an overall look at what you are spending these days, I’m sure you will see where there’s money being wasted. Even if it’s buying a pack of $5 gum (Orbits Bubble Gum Flavor is my favor) and yes it cost $4.38. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way; If not, you’ll find an excuse!
  5. Heighten Your Awareness

    • Life mainly consist of 3 things:
      • What You Think
      • What You Say
      • What You Do
    • So be very conscious of what you are co-creating. This Is Your Life! It is your responsibility to utilize the tools that’s been presented to you effectively.


I’d love to hear what you are implementing in your life to get to get to your ‘Next Level” Manifestation! Please share your comments below.


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Cheryl has been in the Health & Wellness industry for almost 20 years and has a passion for health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle DSC_0120adjustments in every aspect of one’s live. Whether it’s personal, professional, spiritual, physical or mentally, Cheryl believes you can create harmony and balance to build healthy habits in key areas of your life by making simple lifestyle adjustments.
Cheryl is the Owner/Founder of Cheryl Harris Enterprises | C.H.E. Knows… & Profound Touch Mobile Spa and is known as the Health, Wellness, Fitness & Lifestyle Expert | Speaker |Massage Therapist | Figure Competitor.

Cheryl loves empowering, inspiring and igniting Women Business Professionals and others live and Optimal, Stress-Less Lifestyle and Be Bold, Beautiful, Balanced, Business Savvy and Have a Banging Body thru Personal & Professional Development.

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