8 Simple Ways To Become More Spiritual

Once you come to the moment of there’s got to be a better way, that’s your free will to choose.  Some of you have been brought up the traditional way of religion, old habits, old thoughts, old ways of doing things.  However, you have matured to relationship level.  You are looking for more of an experience. You want to become more spiritually aligned and in tuned with your own spirituality.



So here are 8 Ways To Becoming More Spiritual:


1.  Be Willing

  • Once you are willing, your willingness to see things different is when things will start to happen.  Books are falling off the shelf. You’re a-ha experience happens. Once you see things differently, things will start coming to you.

2.  Pay attention to the assignments

  • Don’t act like you didn’t see that book fall off the shelf… don’t go back to constantly answering the phones or back to that toxic relationship, or unhealthy habits. Pay attention.

3.  Show up for the assignment

  • When things hit the fan…that’s when you go to work. That’s not the time to go back to drinking, doing those unhealthy habits.  Those things show up because you need to be healed in that area.

4. Follow Your Bliss

  • We are not looking for the meaning of life but the experience of being alive. Follow your bliss. Joseph Campbell.  Pay attention to the moment when times flies by.

5. Take action in that direction and trust.

  • Instead of what can I get, take or manipulate, look at what I can give.  Look at what makes you happy, what makes you come alive and you step out into that, that’s when things will begin to happen for you and to you.

6. Gratitude

  • Once you have a since of gratitude. Whatever you have. it changes the lens and the framework of the gratitude.

7.  Presence

  • Can you bring that energy or your full attention to the moment right now?  See the vibrant colors. See things in HD= High Definition.

8.  Passion

  • Bring passion to everything that we do. It’s like a muscle that you build each time you do it.  But if you are like, OMG I have to make the bed, I have to go to work or OMG she’s calling again.

The most successful people live by spiritual principles. Try these and I’d love to hear your feedback.


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