We live in a face paced world and because we do, the stress and strained can take a toll on our lives and well-being and have a tendency to knock us off course.  When you become aware that you are OFF course, it’s now time to ReFocus and get back on track.  It’s ok to have bad days, just don’t stay there. Don’t stay in that place and have pity for yourself because no one is coming to your pity party.


Once we identify the stressors and become aware of them, we can now implement solutions.  Solutions to relax, release, refocus, regroup, renew and rejuvenate our overall well-being. I’ve listed below 8Simple Ways To ReFocus so that you can establish freedom, balance and abundance.




Shut Up

1) I tend to talk a lot. That’s what I do for a living. However, every now and then, I need to just shut up. Don’t say a word and enjoy the silence.  Most of the time things don’t always require a response or an opinion.  Become silent and you can hear the decisions, directions and detours you need to take. Shhhhhhhh!



2) Meditation quiets life’s noise. It’s is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. During mediation there’s peace, direction, you become aligned in your mind, body and spirit.  There are times when some of us makes decisions based on emotions and that can be very dangerous. Position yourself to receive by Being Still.  Meditation reconnects you to what really matters.



3) The Big “E” word. Yes exercise. This is not a New Year’s Resolution, This Is A Lifestyle For Me!!! When I work out, I don’t think about nothing on my to-do list. I’m not concerned about any meetings, deadlines, appointments, agendas or what I’m going to cook for dinner.  This is the time to release ALL if any, stress I may have encountered. I just connected with a personal trainer and I have a personal obtainable goal I want to achieve and in order to achieve this goal, I MUST stay focused. Otherwise, I’m wasting my time and my trainers time. Do you want to know what makes my workout so inviting and exciting? My trainer plays the kind of music I like to hear. Disco/House Music —Yeah Baby! That Is An Adrenaline Booster For Me! (*:*)


Avoid Negative Energy

4) I’ve actually adopted this mantra years ago but for some reason people tend to cling on to bad energy. I have one simple rule for this. If someone comes to you with negative or bad energy, just say these words with a smile and Keep It Moving: “I’m sorry, I don’t receive that”. (*:*).



5) Do This: List All the things that where successful, positive or empowering and be thankful and grateful for that moment. You may even think of ways to improve in that particular area.

Now List All the things that were not so good or successful: Learn from it, take notes and Keep It Moving. #ThatIsAll


It’s Ok To Say No

6) Saying not is one of the most difficult things for people to do. Especially if it’s someone very close to you like a relative or a good friend.  Well, that could be the reason you are stressed out. You Don’t Know How To Say NO! If someone approaches you, calls you or asked you to do something that you really don’t want to do or you are not in a position to do at that moment…say this: ” You know that doesn’t work for me right now. Let me get back with you.”  Take baby steps until you can work your way up to actually saying the work No. Trust me It’s OK!


Redirect Your Focus On The End Result

7) Redirect your focus on the end result and not the substance. We tend to sometimes do a lot of things that don’t have purpose and are time busters. If what you are doing doesn’t have purpose or value, reconsider it to get your focus back in alignment.


Commit To Me-Time

8) Me-Time is the perfect time to ReFocus. The problem I’m hearing is people don’t have enough time for Me-Time. There’s kids, school, work, church, spouse, relatives, businesses, etc. Let’s face it, if you are not good to yourself, you will be absolutely no good to anyone else.  Self-Care is not about being selfish, It’s about taking care of yourself as well as you take care of others.



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