De-Bunk The Funk!


There are beliefs and habits that are blindly following you and costing you time and money as a busy business professional when it comes to your Wellness and Fitness goals. One of them is your Stinking Thinking.


March’s {BLOG} is about De-Bunk the Funk in key areas of your life. Here I will share my Top 3 Ways to De-Bunk The Funk. The first way to De-Bunks The Funk is…


1.     Ditch The Stinking ThinkingStinking Thinking

  • For as a man Thinketh in HIS heart; so is he. Read Proverbs 23:7.  It is biblically and physiologically proven that our thoughts turn into feelings and our feelings turn into out behavior. No one can make you feel or even yourself can make you feeling inferior without your consent. In order for things to manifest, YOU have to validate it. This verse clearly states as a man Thinketh in HIS heart…not in the hearts of others that determines ones destiny or journey.

2.     Stop Saying You Don’t Have Time.

  • Don’t get so busy doing other things for everyone else that it causes you to lose yourself. You have the same 24 hours as I do and as Oprah Winfrey does. It’s up to you to manage your time effectively. Falling into to funk will cause you to have to ALWAYS reschedule Your time. Somehow others schedule You in their schedule, now have to give that same attention to yourself.

3.     De-Bunk The Myth Healthy Living Is Expensive

  • If you actually took the time and reviewed what you are currently spending your dollars and cents, you could find a lot of unnecessary spending. Folks always say they can’t afford this or that when it comes to your health, this part of your life should not take the short cut. Having an trainer/coach and eating healthy is not a luxury, it’s a lifestyle. A way of living. Your Health Is Your Wealth. You’re either going to pay the doctors/doctor bills or you can channel that energy to a more desirable lifestyle. Either way you’ll pay. Why not be happy during the journey?

I’d love to read your comments or if you’d like to post some of the things that you need to De-Bunk The Funk in regarding your Wellness and Fitness goals.


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