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Before working with Cheryl, I struggled with a consistent fitness plan and the incorporation of massage therapy.  These challenges held me at a plateau and I was unsure about how to go beyond them.

Witnessing Cheryl’s approach to health and wellness encouraged me to set achievable goals. Incorporating massage also helped me mentally and physically as I embarked upon this new level of transformation. 

I know that I can count on Cheryl for a great massage that helps bring my mental and physical state into balance. As she continues to expand in business, she encourages me and other to do the same with her techniques and programs. She is consistently innovative, creative and holistic, both professionally and in health, and I need that at both levels.

Victoria Knox
Personal and Business Development Coach, Speaker, Instructor



Cheryl has helped me grow in the various areas of my life (spirit, mind, body & soul).  I’ve committed to strengthening my foundation, and a big part of this is self-care.  My regular wellness sessions through Profound Touch Mobile Spa are not a luxury, but instead it’s a necessity for me and as a result of this I’ve continue to live a blissful lifestyle.

Steve Davis, Owner/Proprietor

Safeway Transports and Operations








Cheryl Harris is a gifted massage therapist and wellness mentor.  After spending just a few minutes with me, she knew exactly how to meet my unique needs.  She also knew how to craft a plan that would help me achieve my short and long-term wellness goals.  

Cheryl is intuitive and her brilliant holistic approach has the ability to cause deep transformation–mind, body and soul.  If you are ready for a life of balance, clarity and optimal health, add Cheryl and the team at Profound Touch to your wellness team!

Monique Caradine

Media Visibility & Influence Expert and

Money Breakthrough Coach for

Emerging Women in Business





Before working with Cheryl, I struggled with a bad back and knees issues and as a result I was not able to work out and I eventually gained weight.  After Cheryl’s wellness regimen, massage and holistic approach, my back issues were improved by tremendously. I can now ride my bike and I’m back to working out again! I know as I continue receive Cheryl’s practical holistic life adjustment recommendations, I will expect healthier and leaner…thanks to Cheryl!

Chrishon Lampley

Assistant Manager – Omega Boutique










Profound Touch Mobile Spa

Cheryl Harris – The Stress-Less Expert

I work with Business Professionals who struggle with being stressed & overwhelmed with their hectic lifestyle and I help them by unveiling a blueprint for creating Freedom, Balance & Abundance, and as a result they are able to live a healthier, well-balanced, and blissful lifestyle as a successful business leaders.