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Stress-Less Workshops/Seminar

Empowering You To Live An Irresistible Stress-Less Lifestyle | Enhance Your Overall Well-Being | Make Lifestyle Adjustments through your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Do You…

  • Struggle with saying “Yes” to everyone else except Yourself
  • Experience Unwanted Stress, Fatigue & Mood Swings
  • Struggle with finding Balance and  ‘Me-Time”
  • Consistently put yourself on the Back Burner- ALL The Time
  • Want to learn how to Meditate
  • Create a Sacred Space
  • Or even learn the simple techniques of Massage & its benefits…

If This Is You, As Your Personal Stress-Less Expert, I’m here to guide you! I want to “Get Acquainted” with you a bit more. I truly understand and can relate to you if you have experienced these trials & tribulation because I was once that person also. I suffered from anxiety attacks, migraines, panic attacks, mood swings. Let’s connect and get acquainted with one another and let me share with you how I overcame these trials.

In my Stress-Less Workshop you will discover:

  • A more suitable approach on “How To Say No”
  • How to create a Sacred Space
  • Break Free from being overwhelmed and stressed out
  • Feel instant calmness, clarity and peace
  • Shifting to Freedom, Abundance & A Healthier Lifestyle
  • Discover How To ReConnect with your life
  • Implement Self-Care Modalities without feeling guilty
  • How To Find Me-Time…and much more

Be a part of my Live Stress-Less Workshops to start your journey of Living An Irresistible  Stress-Less Lifestyle!



Deep Breathing, Stretching and Meditation Class

(Available for Private and Group Sessions)


A combination of guided meditation, deep controlled breathing, and deep full body stretching. Enhance your range of motion, flexibility and loosen muscle tension. This deep stretch class will improve joint flexibility by at least 1/2 inch by the end of the class, free stagnation in the muscle tissue, lubricate the joints and foster a quiet, meditative state.

(All Sessions are 1 hour)




 Class Dates, Times and Location Will Be Announced Soon!

 In the meantime, Cheryl is available to bring her Signature Deep Breathing, Stretching and Meditation Class to your location!

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